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Preserving Food

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One of the most common complaints I hear when I tell people about our CSA share is that there is too much food for them, and that even with a half share, food goes to waste.


That's where preserving is helpful.


Preserving is also a way to ensure you and your family can eat seasonally, well past harvest season.  Preserving food is not difficult, though it can be intimidating for folks initially.


Main Preservation Methods:


1. Freezing

2. Dehydrating

3. Pickling

4. Canning


Links on Preserving:


National Center for Home Preservation  Includes the latest USDA-recommended information on all kinds of food preservation, including a free self-paced web course on preserving. 

How to Can Anything (via 'Pick Your Own'--a fabulous local food resource)

Preserving Garlic

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