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Newton Community Farm WIKI FAQ

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What is a WIKI?

A wiki is a kind of collaborative website where users can easily edit and add information.  If you've ever used wikipedia, you've experienced a wiki.


Why use a WIKI?

Wikis are wonderful collaborative tools and since anyone can add or edit information, the content will grow faster than if one person was responsible for updating and changing the site.  A nice feature of the Wiki concept in sharing recipes is that you can add comments about how a recipe turned out or how you may have altered it. 


How do I navigate the wiki site?

 Just  like any website--you can click on anything that looks like a hyperlink (underlined and in blue).  The sidebar contains the table of contents and is the same on any page.


Using the SEARCH feature:

You can type any text in the search box (Upper right corner) and get a list of pages containing that term.  Great for searching recipes by ingredient.  Try it out:  type 'apple' in the box.  (You will get to the page for the Butternut Squash Soup recipe)


Printing out Recipes:

The PBwiki folks are working to improve the output of wiki pages to pdf and word files.  Right now it's a little buggy.  If you want a particular recipe, you can go to its page and click 'print preview' on your internet browser (under 'file').  You should be able to print right from there.  I will also try to save each recipe as a file.  You can access the files (MSword format) by clicking on the 'files' tab in the top navigation bar.


How do I change things on a page?

Just hit 'edit' on any page and use the tools in the header like you would use a word processor.  It's easy.  And you don't have to worry about making mistakes because with a wiki, users can always roll back the page to a previous version. 


Don't forget to hit 'save' (at the bottom of the page) when you're done editing!


How do I add a new page?

Just hit 'new page' from any existing page and the wiki interface will walk you through creating a new page for the wiki.


If you want to add a recipe or other farm-related information and don't feel comfortable using the wiki, just email me the content and I can add it for you.


I have step by step instructions with screen shots on how to add a new recipe here


How do I link my new page to another page?

That can feel a little trickier, but it's really not hard.  Let's say you want to add a recipe for salsa.  If there is a page for tomato recipes, you can link the word tomato to that page by highlighting 'tomato' and clicking 'link'.


A window will pop up, walking you through the linking process. 

  • Under "Link type", select 'wikipage'. 
  • Under "Link to wiki page", select either "new page" or the existing page you wish to link to
  • The rest of the popup form is filled in automatically
  • Click 'OK' to create the link, 'cancel' if you change your mind.


If that feels too daunting, just email me and let me know what you want to do and I can fix it.




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